• #33. Multi Dot Bakelite Hinged Bracelet
  • #33. Multi Dot Bakelite Hinged Bracelet

     Bakelite  Multi Dot Hinged Bracelet   .

     The bracelet is made from 100% authentic vintage Bakelite.

     Hand-crafted and signed  by the artist.

    Style :Multi Dot Hinged  Bracelet.

    Color: Ivory color body . Top:  Multi dot assorted colors combination .

    Dimensions: 2''2/4 Tall. 3''wide .3/4'' thick. 2''1/2 inside opening . It fits all wrist.

    I ship domestic and overseas .Using USPS Priority Mail , International and Express mail . Insurance and delivery confirmations is a must in all packages. 

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me . Thank you for looking at my shop .